My Hubby Loves This

Since there are no stories, I figured I would just put my two cents in. I find kissing in general very sexual and it serves to turn me on quite a bit; but knowng that my hubby gets so turned on watching me kiss another man - well, that just turns me on even more. I usually try to kiss the guy even more deeply when my hubby is wayching than I pehaps normally would. He says he especially likes it when the guy puts his hand around my neck and pulls me to him...and also anytime during sex. So, anyway..just my two cents to start some discussing is all.

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One of the nicest things I've ever done is to make out with a wife while her husband added his *** to mine.

very sexy way to live.

I understand his passion. I would be so turned on seeing my partner is the throes of passion. Because i know what he would enjoy seeing I could work with you to give him the pleasure of a lifetime. Does he mind if the passionate kissing goes on for a long while with my hands slowly moving all around your body? Holding you so close you can feel me press against you I would leave a visible impression in my pants for him to see. <br />
<br />
Oh my now I'm feeling superheated... Better stop while I'm behind..

my wife kisses other men passionately, but not in front of me, i wish she would, i would love to see other men enjoying her sexy body, but she refuses, she says she feels unsafe to do it in front of me.<br />
she usually meets them when I am out of town. that is the only way i am able to travel by my self is allowing her to enjoy other men.

i like my wife to be " sharming wife " & kiss otherman in front of me it's so great feelings

You are a dream wife, in that you know that it turns him on for you to kiss another guys and you are willing to indulge him his his fantasy.

I agree. Although my wife dates other men, I have seen her kiss some deeply with whom she has had no sexual relations. She likes to pet, and this usually is without me around, although she tells me about it later.

LOVE watching my wife kiss another guy!