The First Kiss

The first kiss that my wife shares with a new lover is always the best. However her current B/F, who dosn't know that I know about their affair is even hotter. I just must see that. She obviously has described their kissing. The arrival kiss, the build passion kiss, the making love kiss, the sloppy after ******* kiss and the bye for now (loved the ****) kiss. They are all special because there is an intimacy that just drives us cuckolds insane. It is when she is kissing him that I can see if she is enjoying the sex or is just performing. We cucks need for her to love the sex, so the kissing is our barometer. My wifes barometer is bust when shes with her boyfriend.


Lets start kissing




multitalanted multitalanted
41-45, M
4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Dear Multitallented , i am dying to meet ur wife , and share a passionate kiss with her . Do contact me , I need a lot of advice from u .

I think so too. I can imagine what both of them feel with that first kiss.

I once met a Russian girl who was a very sex loving woman, but because I am married she didn't share any kisses with me. She just asked me to **** her. It was a great **** (at her apt) had she allowed me to kiss her it could of been even more of a memorable shag<br />

Nothing like a passionate kiss to get the motor going. That's quite an exciting tryst your lady has going on.