Another Guy Saw My Wife Nude

this past weekend i finally got one of my fantasy to come true. it didnt take much talking to get my wife to do it. we had a friend sort of realitive spend 3 nights with us. he took us out for drinks dinner and drinks. we went back to our house i asked my wife {without him hearing} to slip up stairs and put on her short silk robe naked underneath. she excused herself and said she wanted to get more comfortable and headed upstairs.i opened another bottle of wine gave him his and took her a glass upstairs to her to see how she was doing. she was standing their in her robe very nervous. i untied her robe and opened up her robe to see her completly naked no bra no panties and in her bare feet. she said is this what you want. i said yes. she are you sure about this. i said yes. i said i want to make sure he sees you completly naked. i said to let her robe came open see he can see you are naked. i didnt say that i wanted him to **** her and she didnt say but what else did she think would happen. my wife proceed to put on a good show for me. she let her robe pop open exposing her ****.she let her robe slide open exposing her legs. she was going to get up and go to the bathroom and untied her robe got up turned towards him to answer his question and her robe came wide open exposing her ***** and **** and she kept talking acting like she didnt know. he got a good long look but he's going through a nasty divorce and all he could talk about was his ex. my wife got mad and went to bed. i told him he missed a chance to **** my wife. he was shocked and wanted to know if he still could. i said no my wife was done.
justahusband10 justahusband10 51-55 5 Responses Nov 28, 2011

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MOST CHANCES IN LIFE ONLY COME AROUND ONCE...It's a shame some of us are blind and stupid too.

Damn..we have a lot in common. We help our divorced buddies.

Dude, don't settle for someone you really don't like. Trust me there are plenty of men who will take the chance when offered. Find the right man for both you and your girl and then clue eveyone in on the matter before hand. Good luck!

i did i really didnt like him anyway but it was a very good chance of watching her getting ****** she seemed turned on by him

What a dumb *** has a woman stand in front of him exposing herself with her husband there and all he want's to do is ***** about his ex wife!! Cross that dumb *** off the list for a *********!!