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Poker Game

My wife is an exhibitionist and i love showing her off so we planned this adventure in advance. I invited some guys over for a poker game. My wife dressed in very revealing clothes and told the guys she would serve them their drinks that night so they could keep playing cards. Each time she brought in a tray of drinks and bent over to put the tray on the table the guys got a full view of her boobs. After about an hour she said she was going to go take a fast shower. She came out after the shower wearing only a towel. As she walked by us i asked her to bring in another round of drinks She said she had to get dressed first but i said we were thirsty and couldnt wait She filled the tray with drinks and adjusted the towel so it was only held up by her elbows close to her body When she brought out the tray she lifted her elbows a little and her towel fell to the ground She was standing there naked in front of all the guys All the guys started cheering. She pretended to be embarassed but since she was holding the tray she couldnt bend down for her towel She walked over naked to the table and put down the tray and went back for her towel. I asked her to leave it off since the guys had all seen her naked anyway The guys all agreed and begged her to leave it off So she did and served the guys drinks naked and sat at the table with us the rest of the game A few of the guys grabbed her boobs and *** when she brought in the drinks My wife was turned on and so was I. After the guys left we had really wild sex. The guys keep asking me to set up another poker game.
wifenude wifenude 46-50, M 13 Responses Mar 24, 2012

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A fantasy for many for sure

Absolutely Awesome !

Great show! Very nice attitude! Do you have sexy pictures from your lovely hot wife!? ;o)

That is hot! I'm very impressed your wife would do that.

WOW!!!...Every mans dream come true....Please add me so I can enjoy your wife's sexy body!

Nice exciting story!

awesome experience. I would love my wife to do the same

Great story! Please add me

Our idea of Heaven! You have given me an idea for our Annual Holiday Party in Malta with a few friends.<br />
We always have a game of poker over drinks on last night! Hmm!<br />

You need to let her take it to the next level now, start having more fun and let her have a few of those guys. You gotta know they are hitting on her without you knowing anyway, and she surely wants to take it further!

I would love to be invited to the next game

And people wonder why it's so easy it is to get hooked on gambling. ;>)

WOW!! Your wife is AWESOME!! I want so badly to get my wife to do things like that!!!