Mates See My Wife Sleeping Naked

A few weeks ago I went out fishing very early & 2 guy's came with me. As I wasn't quite ready they came in the house. We have french doors all through the house so I got them to wait in the kitchen & finished getting ready. As I walked towrds our bedroom witch is next to the front i noticed my wife had the sheets off & you could see her in the rising sunlight from the hall through the doors. When it was time to leave just as we got to the doors I said to the guys as I pointed at our bedroom door so they looked in that direction shhh mrs is asleep. Then i stopped & opened the door. When I looked back they were both staring at her naked body. Don't know who was hornier, them seeing my wife or me watching htem look at her. This morning I took some pics of her just like that day. I enjoy showing pics of my wife & we both luv the comments they get.
coltstriker coltstriker 36-40 1 Response Mar 13, 2012

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i would b staring too