Stag Night

A very interesting stag night with my future son-in-law, the youngest daughter lives away but she often came to visit bring her boyfriend and sometimes other friends.
As the beer flowed the **** suddenly became the talking point, the son in-law said he was shocked the first time he came because on the first day he realised that his girlfriend’s mum was knickerless under a thin skirt. Then later he noticed she didn’t bother to close the bedroom door when she dressed, and often walked to and from the bathroom naked or in just her underwear.
On a later visit the daughter caught him looking, he thought she would go mad but instead she said “sorry about her she is such a common ****, she lets anyone **** her, but don’t because you don’t know what you would catch and that would be the end of us’
Overtime he has snapped her on her mobile and captured her one on the mobile, we all enjoyed the video’s on the stag night and yes they all agreed she is a ****!
See my new pics!
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6 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Would love to see and comment.

IF she is a **** then she is obviously having a good time. Good Luck to her.

She is obviously proud of her body.

great, love to be added

How do I join this family?

wow is she your mother very sexy