I Like Other Men To Look At My Wife

my wife is 52 yrs but very hot i get so turned on when she has tops on that revel her breasts we went shopping the other day and she had a little white top that showed of her breasts and she got looked 20 times and more  guys as young as 25 yrs where checking her out we went home and had the best sex we had had for a while carnt wait to go out again soon

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12 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Love it when wives "rediscover" they are still hot. Sounds like your wife is having fun with this as well. Hope the fun continues for you both.

I love other men lusting for my wife too!

Love wife showing nipples..


It is the little efforts that bring sexy back and pleasure into your life. What a nice happy ending for you ;)

I wish i was shopping at the same time, let me know next tine you go <br />
<br />
male from melb

How did your wife find the experience? As hot as you I hope ;)

Love guys looking at my wife, she loves it too and we also go home to amazing sex when we get home.

Go to your profile and upload photos to an album you create

have topless and nudes but not sure how to put them on

My wife is also in her 50"s She used to wear see thru tops with no bra. Now she will only wear tops with a push up bra. Would love to see some of the out fits that your wife will wear in public.<br />

:) Love it! Nothing hotter than discovering the guy who you think is "required" to call you beautiful and lust after you has been telling the truth all those years!