Number One

Nice to meat you. Call me Sammas. This'll be the first time I ever post on the internet, as well as speaking about myself in the 'truest of true' and 'rawest of raw'. Please, feel free and drop a line or two.

I grew up in one house with a mom and a sis, and another with a dad. I went to school everyday and made the grades. I went to the same prep school from 5 to 17. And yet, I was raised with the stress and pressures of being poor. The point of realization is inevitably terrible.

What do you do when your 12 years old and you can't take seeing your momma cry because there's no hot water? No television. No food. No games.

Things for ourselves only christmas and birthdays. Always settling for less. Never the name brand, only the **** that doesn't even work out of the ******* box.

Never steal. Never cheat. Never lie. I stood for those.

I stood for those while living the life of 'cheap' going to the prep school with kids whom live in multi-million dollar homes in areas I never heard of. They only knew what they saw, I dressed the same, talked the same, acted the same, played the same sports, got the same girls; living a lie, alone, too embarrassed to tell anyone. How do I tell those same kids, now young adults in college, that after I left that school everyday, I was just a poor little goon on the same streets/beach, drinking the same beer, smoking the same **** as all those kids that didn't make it. They wouldn't believe me. No one would.

I was forced to attend that prep school. All I wanted was to go to school with my friends on my block who knew me for me. I don't have friend's now who know me. I can't stand living without anyone knowing.
sammasprotectus sammasprotectus
18-21, M
Nov 15, 2011