3 Things I Want People To Accept Me For.

I'm not a normal person, but a weird person.

I love for my feet to be worshipped. For instance, someone who engages in: sucking my toes, licking my feet, massaging my feet, tickling my feet, and washing my feet excites me to a full extent since I have developed a foot fetish that stemmed when I saw feet worship pictures on my friend's laptop when I was 11 and has been attractive to male feet and having my feet played with since that moment.

I decided to continue sleeping with my stuffed teddy bear even though I am not longer a kid because it brings a lot of great memories for me that cannot ever leave me. I am child-like in more aspects like I still enjoy fingerpainting, playing children games which include but is not limited to: heads up sevens up, duck duck goose, clapping games, and hide and go seek. Nothing is going to change that about me.

Finally, I wish that restaurants like Chuckie Cheese, musuems such as the Children's Musuem in San Antonio, Texas and other various places did not require me to have a children by my side to enter because I believe that is age discrimination and everyone should be entitled to whatever they want to do without feeling limited as long as its legal and this is one case that I miss the life I had when I was a kid.

The End 
hanticklish hanticklish
18-21, M
May 7, 2012