I Don't Judge

I feel like people think that I am a difficult person to handle because Im so specific of what I want and if their not done right, I'll flip out but thats not entirely true. I accept everyone as they are, I'm pretty sure if someone is a serial killer, they can become my friends. I dont judge people but people dont accept me (at least I think so) because either I'm too shy, introverted, I dont really talk to people unless I'm talked to and I feel like I need to please people to like me and its just a big cycle of love me or hate me...thing

Eamane Eamane
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

thanks:) I figured it out but sometimes that feeling still wears down my spirit but thanks anyway

Its about getting it right for yourself. Why worry about anyone else accepting you? Enjoy being yourself. It is always difficult to guess what other peopel like or don't like or why.