So tomorrow I'm going to meet someone I've been talking to for a while. We've had nice conversations and also "adult" conversations. But never too far. Idk what he wants from me, but I've been kinda just going with the flow. We talk everyday and it's nice taking to him, but idk what he wants with me. We used to work together but I don't remember him. I've looked thue his Facebook and talked to him and he seems like he's a good guy. Family oriented, active, and he goes to the same university as me. He says nice and beautiful things to me, but he also has a dirty mouth o.O. I like both sides. I'm kinda scared that when we meet he won't like what he sees, or it'll be just a one time thing. Even if it is, whatever I can move on, but it would suck to have that happen to me again. I just wanna meet someone I can have a relationship with. But sometimes "fun times" can be nice. I'm young and I know I have all the time in the world to experience things. Maybe this will be a life lesson?
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Hello there my name is brian if you ever like to talk

I'm easy

Just don't think so much into it. You are meeting as friends and if that develops into something more then great. If not, you still have a good friend. Why wouldn't he like how you look? He remembered working with you so he already knows. Just relax and enjoy your time with him.

You're right. I have a problem where I over think things. I try not to, but sometimes I can't help it. I'll try to relax about it and let things go as they go.

I'm impressed with your open mind and acceptance that it may just be a 'one time thing'... Being a tad cynical I'd maybe suggest looking over the past conversations and seeing who instigated the dirty talk, if its entirely started by him then you'll probably have a better idea of why he wants to meet... Regarding being scared about liking what he sees, you're kinda in a win/win situation, if he's just after sex, then truthfully it rarely matters to most guys what you look like (harsh but true unfortunately), and if he's after a relationship, and worth being in a relationship with, then, again, it doesn't matter what you look like. Of course, my opinion is worth diddley, but hey, its fun to comment :)

Well we will see what happens. I've asked some friends who do know him, and they say he a good guy from what they know. But well see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice :)

The worst vice in the world is advice, but, damn, its just soooo much fun ;)