Within the past few months, I've noticed something different. Maybe because I watched to many movies or have a ridiculously creative imagination, but everyday and everything I do in my life feels very generic. I wake up, shower, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep, repeat. I don't mind the repetition of it, it's just that, it feels like my life is fake. I'm just another person driving just another car, it feels like I'm an extra in a movie. It's as if everyday things that I want/need to do have no value.

Aside from that,
For some reason I can't watch tv or movies anymore. My mind has broken down the scenes and now I notice everytime they are filming from another angle or if the audio was taken from a different distance, in between the cut scenes or wether the doubles were used for a scene, and even if when they change angles if the camera in the middle of a scene if that person is in the same position or not and I can't figure out how to turn that off and just enjoy tv.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?
asdfghjkljacque asdfghjkljacque
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Wait...are you me? You must be an IFNP (personality type)

Just need to find a meaning something so you feel like you're making something happen!