Hey everyone wants to be accepted as they are, has anyone thought to accept other people as other people are , think again its not gonna b easy !!! Exactly thats why they might find it hard to accept us , so i guess we need to find people who will be willing to put up with our **** as we put up with theirs question is how much **** one can put up with !!!!! /:)
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Preach it! Lol ssssooo true!!!


If there is nothing to say meaningful might as well stay quite !!!

I meant

Uncle!! ---- not!!

And what the heck that means mr riddles n questioners

I call "uncle".... U win the game.

I can't take it anymore

I dont need to win any game sweetie i am in no competition just expressing my feels some will agree some wont doesnt bother me a bit cheer up take it easy



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Uncle ! ;)

Excuse me