i only want acceptance. ive always wanted to be accepted for who i am. its pretty important to me.i dont know why either. i just do. im easy to get to know and i dont expect alot. im kind and loving!

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If you message me i will tell you why I want to be accepted.

thanks to all of you!

thanks to all of you!

i think the first person you need to get acceptance from is from YOU. thats right, who cares what everybody thinks. It you did you would be totally drained from making everyone happy. Don't be a suck up, love what you do, who you are and you'll have people wanting to be with you, and want what you have inside.

You are truly a lovely lady! Smiles

ME too! It's hard to try to fit a mold. Being you is the best becuase there is only one you! XOXO

thanks dewduster!

"i only want acceptance" You have it from me! Thats what I want also...DD