We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Warning: I'm pretty upset right now so this post will have a lot of F-bombs. If that offends you and you want to read on, I recommend you set your account to kiddie mode before proceeding.

Just a touch of framework. I posted stories about what I'm going through, today I'm focusing on The Demon. Her name is OCD. Years ago my wife had an allergy scare and wound up in the ER. I rushed to her side, and held her hand while they saved her life. While that was going on, the love of my life, the woman I married... she died while I sat there, reassuring her - and her still-living body was taken over by this evil creature. I did my best to help when it became clear, I supported her, went on family leave to help reduce the pressure of The Demon's insurrection while she went into therapy to learn the skills needed to resist her iron grip. Eventually The Demon was in full control. I worked so hard to be the good husband, to nurture my wife's glorious soul back to health, I swear! A few years later it was clear The Demon was now in charge, she'd given up resisting her, and our marriage fell apart. My life became a living hell as The Demon took over more and more of her personality, and stretched out from just the iophobia and compulsive behaviors... and poisoned our marriage.

Today I made an honest mistake. I suffered, too. I screwed up my lunch prep duty. I didn't get one today, I'll have to fetch my lunch. But I also mixed up my daughter's lunch with my wife's.
My daughter was in the mood for some pretty violent music on the way to school... tee hee! She's only 11. I only allow or prefer the violent *music* - NOT lyrics. She picked Hey Man, Nice Shot first off, then she wanted some classic metal. LOL. We had a short exchange about the metal, I wasn't going to allow "Breaking the Law" during carpool. No way. So we compromised and she picked "I Wanna Rock." That one's okay. Good loud classic metal, no weirdo hate lyrics, just a bit rebellious. She's so cute.

But back home, The Demon was not pleased. She called just as we were pulling into school and asked about the lunches. Then she demanded I turn back and swap lunches. This puts me half an hour off schedule, I of course apologized immediately for the mistake, but asked if she couldn't just leave 10 minutes early.

The Demon ROARED. No ******* way she'll be able to do that, now turn back around mister and bring me my ******* lunch! I don't care about you being behind! (She really did say this - I'm usually around 25-35 minutes early for work, but it's fricking December, yesterday I barely made it). I had this on speaker because the music comes from my phone. My daughter got stressed, so I hung up on The Demon's abusive rants and themusic came back on. The Demon would not have this. She called again and started cussing me out, even though she knows she's on speaker. I'm in the middle of carpool at school! I hung up on her again. My daighter was fingering her ears. I'm so embarrassed. The Demon tried one more time. I tapped answer, said sharply that I'm going to do what she wants, so leave us alone! And hung up again. That did the trick. My poor little girl. Got her into school, turned back home and jammed to go swap lunches. I ran in, dropped off The Demon's bag, she started yelling so I said "get the **** away from me" and ducked into the restroom. On my way she shouted "YOU get the **** away from ME!" and I replied "YOU bet your *** I will!" - while I was taking care of business, The Demon followed me and kept shouting through the door, "I don't give a ****. You're not going to get FIRED for not being half an hour early for work!" (she's on probation all the time because her "checking" compulsion screws up her ability to leave the house). I replied "It's December. I was FIVE minutes early for work yesterday, fuckhead!"

The Demon suddenly shut the **** up at last. I finished what I was doing, grabbed my daughter's bag and darted back out of the house. Ran to school and delivered her correct lunch and jumped on the freeway.

Sure enough. I was late today. I though about sending The Demon a text telling her I was 20 minutes late and had to ring the doorbell and my fiucking BOSS answered the door and glared at me - just because you couldn't leave for work 10 minutes early, so remember that while you're enjoying your ******* sandwich!

I need some help stopping me from doing this. The Demon must be allowed her freedom, she's on probation in our marriage too. I'm sick and tired of all the ******* abuse. She could have bought lunch, My daughter would have enjoyed her sandwich instead... or she could have left 10 minutes early. But no. For the tenth year, once again she has to holler "shazam!" and call for the superhero, whose job it is to come running to the rescue for actual crises, not for a ******* sandwich. And If I push back even a little, I get villified viciously with large helpings of vulgarities about my character, seasoned with how much she doesn't really care after all, spoken blatantly and without regret.

On my way to work, of course the classic metal my daughter was requested was still blaring through my poor pathetic cheap stereo... and "We're No Gonna Take It" came round. The lyrics REALLY touched my heart today. I tapped repeat and sang along with it all the way to work.

So, my friends. Is your ring feeling too tight today? Sing this song with me. Download it if you like this kind of stuff. Or if you hate classic metal, that's all right - look up the lyrics and just read them. If you're tugging on that ring and it's hurting you, I guarantee the lyrics will really help you feel at least a little better. Sing it with me:

"Your life is trite and jaded!
Boring and confiscated!
If that's your best, your best won't do!

We're right! (YEAH)
We're free! (YEAH)
We'll fight! (YEAH)
You'll see! (YEAAAAH)

We're not gonna take it!
NO! We ain't gonna take it!
We're not gonna take it
Anymore! (just you try and make us!)"

Really... anyone? Feels really good to yell those lyrics... Try it!
TheVerticalMan TheVerticalMan
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012