Address To Bullies (copyright 2004)

Why do you pick on me and make me feel bad?
You make me so angry you make me so mad!

On the outside I sigh and pretend it doesn't hurt,
While on the inside I CRY and feel like dirt!!

Didn't the same one who made me make you?
Then why do you try to make me your fool?

Does it make you feel better to put me down?
Or is it part of your act, just being a clown?

You don't realize the damage you do!
How would you feel if it happened to you?

Being put down for the way you look, feel and act,
Always the brunt of someone's attack!

If you tried your very beat to fit in,
No matter what you did you just couldn't win!

No that I've told you how I feel,
Couldn't we please just make a deal?

If you're passing my way with nothing good to say,
Please pass me by and have a nice day!

I was bullied unmercifully as a child I am 57 now and it still affects me today!   Brenda Calhoun
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1 Response May 19, 2012

i am 19 and I'm still being bullied by exes and ex friends who i knew for eons and now has back stabbed me. I now am on depression pills due to these and from time to time i have flashbacks of high school, or I wonder what they are saying about me now, and I have nightmares. I shouldn't be able to worry, I want to live life.