I'm Me

I'm not beautiful. I'm not super-smart. I'm not charming or witty or clever or successful. I'm overweight, I'm boring, I am vanilla, old-fashioned, and not very logical or technical. I have extreme body insecurities, and emotional issues. I have a hard time being intimate because I am so guarded. I like flowers, I like pink, I like punk rock, I like metal. I listen to sad songs when I'm sad, and I cry at sappy commercials. I read more than I watch tv, I am a clean freak, and I will never live without at least one pet.

Those are all parts of the vast, multi-layered person that I am, and I just want someone who is going to wholeheartedly accept me as-is, and love me despite the many annoying quirks I have.
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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You know what? You sound absolutely lovely, open and honest and above all human in a good kind of way.

you need to accept yourself in order for others to accept you. and eather way my dear friend, you dont need anyone to accept you accept yourself because people only hert you, they could be your best friend your mother your sister and still stab you. you are your only true best friend, its because of people there is pain, tears, sorrow, misory, they creat it, your better alone belive me, and this is coming from one that is pretty in others eyes, is bubbly, and so happy as they think.. very popular i might add lots of friends..but the truth is none of them are trust worthy.. they are friendly..nice to hang out with but no one person is true..remember that,, they eather want something from you, or can gain something from you,, you contribute to something that benifits them in there life and if you dont you will be nothing. your doing good just by staying with a pet animals are less of animals than humans... sounds harsh but its true.

From the story you jst wrote, it seems you're very witty. and judging from the commenst your friends posted you're incredibly entertaining and awesome :) I agree with them you're so not vanilla, more like french vanilla, you know a little something extra.

I'm the opposite, I hate making friends coz I'm always scared coz I'm a boring person as I like PC games and not beer why should I have to impress someone for them to like me?<br />
<br />
Basically if people can't see what you have to offer in any aspect then they certainly aren't worth you losing any sleep over. If people can't see how lovely you are because they judge you before they know you then they are not worth knowing. Hope that makes sense, watching Dodgeball and typing :)

Ok I admit I am an old guy. Stop making negative remarks about yourself. You are who you are, and be pleased with that. Beautiful, sexy, ineligent, etc. woman.<br />
<br />

You sound like a wonderful, BEAUTIFUL woman. Keep your head held high. You have many qualities one man will love.

I'm so sorry to hear your situation, 4uiseek. <br />
<br />
I know what it feels like to be lonely, and I hope someday someone sees you and appreciates the things in you that make you different. There is no shame in being a virgin, even at your age, and even for a male. It just means you haven't met someone who feels "right". Don't give up completely. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Your life resume is alot like mine except im a man with a beer gut and like most kinds of music. Ive been rejected and dumped enough to know that when a woman tells me that its not you, its me, i really know that it is undoubtably me. Not one of my relationships has lasted more than a few months, but thats longer then i knew my dad and not much longer than i knew my mom. I never have trully heard the words, i love you or worse yet, never felt it in my heart unless you count my short lived romance with my first girlfriend, which feels like an an eternity ago. Im so alone and its been so long since ive even kissed a woman. I tried to recently, but she had already told me that she just wanted to be friends, now shes no longer my friend. I guess thats the last time ill tell anyone in person that i am still a virgin. It seems that no matter what it is a relationship ender and now i have zero friends. I have faith that someday real love will find me and you as well.

And as long s you can see the treasure that is you, it's only a matter of time before someone special does too. I know, because I had all but given up when someone wonderful came along and fell in love with the real me.

Hedge!! My dear friend. :) Thank you.

Ok, you guys are seriously good with the flattery!! Thanks guys, really. Too sweet!

*phew* For a minute, you had me scared. I thought I was going to encounter the Perfect Woman. *chill runs down the spine*<br />
Instead I saw a beautiful, smart, witty, interesting, sensitive, sensible and slightly insecure woman.<br />
In short, everything a man would like. Or a woman, should that be your choice.

Are you kidding me??? You're gorgeous!! Snap out of itt!!! Beautiful smile, FLAWLESS SKIN.. you are B-E-A-UTIFUL<br />
<br />
If anyone ever tells you different, tell them to shove it.

Awww thank you, AlmostAristotle. You are very kind.

likewise, sweet rabbit, likewise. : )

Thank you Gwanji! Wow, I'm blessed to have friends like you. :)

Aww, Heart, you are so sweet. :) I appreciate your encouragement, always.

first of all, beauty has nothing to do with weight. smart? are you kidding? you post some of the most compelling and thoughtful things i've seen here. charming? we are charmed, truly! witty? you are so ******* witty. when you are not being excessively hard on yourself, you are incredibly funny and have a great sense of humour. never boring, you. vanilla? what does that mean? you do stand out, in a good way! old fashioned is fine, and who gives a rat's *** about technical skills. you have so many fans here, rabbit. i wish you could see the you that we see . . .