Mutual Respect...

That's what it's all about in the end.
What use is there for me to say you *must* accept me as I am? No-one must do anything.
However, I would *like* you to accept me as I am. I don't *want* it, no, I'd *like* it.

Okay, so, I'm always gonna be *me*. That's what you'll have to do with.
But interacting with people always requires a certain form of adapting. It's something that happens on different levels; the subconcience being one of them.
You adapt automatically, according to the level of authority a person exhumes. So, people often adapt more to me than I do to them. It's not something I do on purpose. It's an automated shifting within a person. A sixth sense, if you want.

But like it says in the topic's title: it's a two way thing. If you want me to treat you the way you are, I expect the same from you towards me.
It's called respect.
Usually a word I seriously dislike, because often the word respect is used in a totally different context, like, in the army or at work.
In the aformentioned, people expect that you respect them because of their rank or seniority.
Well, that's the kind of respect I disrespect. That kind of respect needs to be earned by me. I'll be the judge -for myself- if those stripes or stars make you respectful. I'll see for myself if that seniority or rank was granted for what you did or because you tricked your way up the ladder.
But, I'll respect you -except when you're a fake- as a human being. For *who* you are. Not for *what* you are. Get that? Okay.
So, I hope, now that we're on the level, that you'll take me as I am, for who I am.
And like I said, I'll be glad to do the same...
Because in the end, it's not about *me*, but rather about *us*. And I do mean *all* of us.
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
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7 Responses Feb 25, 2011

Purrrr, purrrrr.purrrrrr...... :)

*scratches sierra33 behind the ear* I like you too, sierra :)

Errr... Biscuits??... *looks around skittishly, covering square 'Delacre' tin*.... what biscuits??

I'm all about the fun in exchanges and if there is to be real fun in the exchange, where both people smile, laugh and feel warmed or pleased in some way, there has to be a level of like and respect to begin with. <br />
<br />
Unless I like the tone of the poster and enjoy or agree with at least a part of what they write, I don't even bother. I leave arguments to others more skilled at the task then me. I do happy better than all, crazy mad anyway....<br />
<br />
So here is a grin and giggle for ya Jim! You have a likable quality to your words. I be respecting on that...

Sure Girlie... I'm working on it :D

Thank you, AA.<br />
Likewise ;)<br />
<br />
Thank you too, EternallyHopeful... And you're so right also. :)

Jimmy, this is so true. Really knowing someone takes time. Liking the person as they are therefore takes time. It's easy to make quick friends that dont last, very hard to make the kind that last long because you all want them too. And it takes trust on both sides - you have to trust people with parts of you that you might not be so proud of, etc, for them to actually know you. You sound like a very reasonable friend, and I look forward to knowing you more :)