I Can't Change Everything

i know i'm not the best person and i do things that i shouldn't do but it's the way i live.

all the things i do help me in other ways.

but if anyone i knew was doing the same stuff  i'd be horrified

i guess it's cause i know i've everything under control,but my friends don't,that's why they're so mad right now.

they think i need help but they don't understand that i don't need it.

one of my friends made a list of all the things i'm doing that are hurting my body,and it was long.

but i know that without all these little things i'd lose control of everything and feel terrible.

i just want them to realise that i don't need help and if i ever do think i need help i'll get it.

i feel like i'm constantly hurting them by being me

i was always this way but they're not able to accept it

i'm trapped in a world of people who are telling me to stop doing things and start do other things but i just can't

i don't want to lose my friends but i can see that this is not easy for them

i don't know what to do anymore

keepitinside keepitinside
18-21, F
Apr 15, 2008