Accepting The Fact That Everyone Is Not Going To Be Honest And Compassionate

I decided today to jot down, or in my case, type down my thoughts and feelings about the hurt and disappointment in finally having to accept the very real fact that just because I am honest and compassionate, does not mean that others are and choose to be.
After 28 years of being a true friend-- honest, compassionate, considerate, loyal, dedicated and thoughtful to a friendship with someone that never changed for me, I had to accept the very real fact, that sometimes what we think we have (had) with a person is not the same as what that person thinks or wants. Is it painful? Yes, and I made the decison to still continue to be the person that I am, all that I am (good, bad, ugly, indifferent) and still have and show that same love, compassion, to that person even if they don't realize or appreciate it.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I'm honest and compassionate too!! :) I live for animals and people <3 That's also why I'm vegan ^_^

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it and I know what you mean. It is really, challenging and difficult at times to understand why someone doesn't share that honesty and compassion. Like I said, you can only be you and that's all. By the way, I am not a vegan but I do like to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and salads.

Veggies, fruits, and salads are good. Dont' forget your grains, nuts, seeds, fungis, and other goodies! &lt;3 You're not a vegan? =o Why not? It would fit right alongside your value for compassion.

Maybe this speech with inspire you to embrace and let out an even greater inner, compassionate you,

And then to follow up, vegan starter kit &lt;3 I'm full of goodies &lt;3

I like that, thank you. I will definitely consider it. I don't think human kind can last without virtues, values, and principles like compassion and honesty.