My daughter try's to lie to me all the time, but when I call her on it she folds right up and tells me the truth.. Why lie?? I mean don't people know God sees and know everything that everyone of us says, do, and think before it ever even comes into our little brain...I just do not understand lying..Karma...or sewing, and reaping always get us in the end...I say free your self's be the good that everyone can be....and free your selves from the lies of this world...Love and Light Wins people....Mary
MMMartin MMMartin
56-60, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

Do you ever spank her or discipline her for lying

Well she has only been back in my life for 11 years and she is going to be 33 this year...Spanking does not help...She just has to figure it out and stop doing it....What about all those other grown ups lying and lying they all spank and discipline their own self' is a