One word, insecure.
I weigh 90 pounds. Not on purpose. I just do. I'm tall, and super-skinny. I run a lot, and people always call me ugly. I used to cut, so I could "feel" better. I want to wake up, and feel beautiful so bad. I can't live, happy and beautiful. I think I'm ugly, but all I wish is to feel beautiful.
I hate my brown hair, I hate my green eyes, I hate my pale skin, I hate my weight, I hate my height, I hate my smile, I hate my teeth, I hate my personality. I hate everything. I can never think straight, I can't even look in the mirror and say "I am, beautiful."
And I would, if I had a boyfriend, holding me in they're arms. Sleeping close to me, never letting go. When I wake up, he'd smile. And hug me tightly. Like the world had stopped just for us..
ICantGoMyOwnWay ICantGoMyOwnWay
13-15, F
May 24, 2012