Part 1

he sat alone at the beach, and stared into space, wondering what life had in store for him!!
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it was quite a posh apartment, as he previously had a really good job!!

he carved and carved away until finally he had finished his first piece!! it would be a piece that he would never sell, cos it would be a one off piece that would signify the start of his new dawn, his new career, his new life, this one piece would turn out to be priceless to him!! so he got up to his feet and slowly walked back to his car, he got in, and drove back to his apartment on the outskirts of the city!!

He decided to work on bits of driftwood or find a natural source of sandstone to work on, it was free afterall. He would create tasteful, sensual, beautiful carvings of some of the beautiful young things that had snagged sugar-daddies. They'd be willing to pay for yet another thing of beauty celebrating their conquest! Ah, this was a good plan! As for the figure in the distance, he'd begin with her. His muse. It wouldn't matter if she was a sellable item or not. This was his first, and she would have a place of hnour and tribut. So he picked up the piece of driftwood that sparked his plan for the future, and sat down to find her shape and form within it. Ahh, it was the start he needed. X@

this is it!! he decided that this was what he wanted to do!! so he strolled along the shoreline, thinking about how he could finance this new exciting part of his life!!

All of a sudden it came to him like a brilliant flash of light! He would carve stone or make pottery in exotic and erotic shapes! His work would have a huge market and he would make a fortune.

or maybe he could carve statues of naked women out of wood or make ornaments out of wood, something new, thats no one else has thought of, that would make him plenty of money!!

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He knew this may be the longest journey of his life but also had the potential to have the greatest pay off. He kept carefully placing one foot in front of the other as all the thoughts swirled in his mind.

Far from here, but wherever he went, he'd have to be near the sea, his life-force, his mother. This was exciting and the world was his oyster. He searched his heart to glean all the longings and dreams and wishes he'd had up till now. Nothing was unimportant, nothing trivial, nothing forgotten. He had so much talent and natural ability. Should it be something like carpentry, he was good with his hands. Or something like exotic dancing, using his toned, body to titillate and tease? He was a fantastic dancer, and it was easy money? Or would that just lead down the road to more trouble and heartbreak. Hmm, carpentry for men-only clients may be the way to go....

He decides America is the place for him.... (just kidding)<br />
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He began to walk across the sand, and with every step the images of his future became clearer. He could see a beautiful figure on the beach just beyond the horizon. Was she real or was she part of the many thoughts going through his mind? He feared she was a mirage but knew he had to keep walking toward the horizon to find out.

he decided he needs a new job, and a new life, he needs to get away and leave his current life behind and start start over, but where to go was the big question????

But first, he had to get out of the surf closing in around him, this was his rebirth, and how fitting that it was in a great wave of water that his new life began again. Pain! He knew all about that, had been through the wringer many times. This was about growth, spiritual and emotional. This was about giving from the depths of his being. This was about being the best he could be. Onward and upward!

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wondering if he would ever get hurt the way he has so many times before!! he sits in the dark, under the dusky moonlight, the tide coming in at a fast pace, and he decides its time for change!!!

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As the ocean's foam slowly covered the lower half of his body he began to think back about the happenings of the last year. He instinctively grasp his heart; there was so much inside there that he would carry into the future with him.