Fed Up!!!

Doctors office changed rules, which is fine. Sent me a prescription for my injections. Went to get it filled, rejected! Had to call an 800 number to get it approved. Told 24-48 for approval. Haven't heard from them yet. After approved it'll take up to 3 days for the meds to arrive. Then to call my doctors office for an appointment. I'll be a month overdue for my injections when all is said and done. I could be paralyzed by then!! But as long as the insurance companies are happy all is well!!!!
Shedevil5924 Shedevil5924
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4 Responses Sep 10, 2012

my brother has copd . he has the same problem . funny they don't seem to give a crap if you can breath ! :-)

I can see your frustration and I do not blame you, hope all works out for you.

That is sooo messed up. Wish I could help!!

t's all about finding the right doctors. I have a great PCP and NP who take the time to know me and fight for me.I had to fire many doctors until I found these guys For my liver disease I have a wonderful crew at the Beth Israel Liver Center in Boston