I was outed by my former best friend in high school. I grew up in a small town where "You're gay!" was a huge insult, so when I realized I my feelings for her went beyond friendship, I tried to bury them. Then, in a moment of excitement, I kissed her and she freaked. She didn't talk to me again for a while, but then we talked and I told her I really liked her. Well, that didn't go how I'd hoped. She told our friends and almost overnight I went from part of the popular crowd to being an outcast. People I barely even knew were calling me names and treating me badly. People were even going out of their way to insult me or make me feel unwanted. Why do people feel the need to tear others down? Especially if they didn't even know me? Like the name of the group....I want people to leave me alone if they don't like me. I'm not hurting them. It was between me and her, there's no reason the whole school had to be involved.

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thanks!! :)

People make fun of others to make themselves feel better. Low self esteem on their part.<br />
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Don't let it effect u.<br />
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U sound like u have it together.<br />
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Keep up the good work.<br />
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Be well.<br />
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Live well.

It's just gonna take time, I think. People don't like what they're not used to, and even though it's been around forever, being gay is just now starting to become accepted as normal, and mostly only in the big cities. It took a long time for people of different skin colors to be accepted as equals, and a long time for women to be accepted as equals....we're the new group trying to gain support of the general public, and I think it's going to be a looooong time before we're accepted, because we're considered immoral, sinful, mentally damaged, etc. It's just gonna take time.

I live in Ireland KareBear where there is a lot of small mindedness along the lines that fungirl talked about. But it is getting better, especially in the larger towns and cities. It's just ignorance on a large scale ... let's hope that in time this kind of thing will gradually disappear and that people will accept each other regardless of sexual orientation.

I moved to California after I graduated high school. Being bi here isn't a huge deal like it was back home. Losing the popularity and "friends" in high school really hurt, but I learned to deal with it and actually liked it better cuz I knew the friends that stayed with me were real friends. And in my opinion, the friends you make when you're unpopular are much more worth your time than the ones who hang out with you cuz you're popular.<br />
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My parents are fine with me being bi now, but when I go home, we don't go around advertising it. A lot of the people there know who I am and know I'm bi and don't like it, but for the most part, I'm treated like a visitor when I go home for holidays or whatever....not good or bad, just kinda indifferent.

Yes, she was immature in her handling of the scenario. Now that you are older have you been able to overcome some of the prejudice? I am sorry you were hurt...I know small town mentality and I cringe when I bring people to the area I live because I know that I am considered far out there and then my friends are considered milky way far out and I hate the way people stare at me when I go into the town because I don't wear the same kind of clothes and I wasn't born in this town and moved here. I can only imagine what would happen if I walked down main street hand in hand with another woman. Even divorce is an atrocity here.