Coffee Shop

We often visit coffee shop and she always wears a just above knee black skirt with a slit up her left thigh, white top, black seamed hold-ups and my favourite RED high heels never wearing knickers.
She sits on the high stools near the centre so other men can have a 360deg view if they like.
She then moves her bum down in the chair so the lace top of her nylons are visible - I watch the men getting turned on and they can't get enough of her, when she catches eye contact with them she keeps sliding up and down the chair crossing and uncrossing her legs until her thigh above the lace is showing, I watch it all from the counter seats.
I seen men taking photos/videos as If she doesn't notice yeh right!!

Sometimes when she orders at the counter I walk behind her and drop my debit card then take photos up her skirt - she obviously knows when I'm going too as she stands straight legged with her legs wide open so her skirt is fully taught and the amazing view of her long legs, seams and shaved glistening ***** drive me wild.
When we leave I tell her about all the men throbbing over her which she loves.
We normally go to a disabled toilet in some store and show her the pics ive taken of her and she lets me lift up her skirt and come between her nylon legs, which she leaves on them dripping down the inside of her thighs as we walk home.
She is so hot..
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would like to see these pics you take - please add

Incredibly hot story. She is a sexy teasing minx - love that she has fun and lets others enjoy seeing her hot bod.

Fun story, she must have wonderful legs, I'd love to see her skirt sliding up...

great story, nice to have such a cooperative partner, please add me