Lonely And Disconnected

I've been married for 12 years with a good man. Since he
Started his business he has also started to go out more.
When he is home he is their but not. We no longer connect.
Before if it was silent between us it was Comfotable now it's not.
I'm afraid he'll find someone else and leave me and son alone.
My biggest fear is being alone and not being loved by him.
And not sure what to do. My world has been him or my son l have no friends.
Just me:(
LonelyDreams LonelyDreams
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7 Responses May 18, 2012

hope you can work things out together. Best of luck.

i guess best advice will be "to invest in yourself first" take pride in yourself,that can be anything and everything about you .

I so know how you feel I have dedicated my life to my marriage and also have no freinds.I have always took pride in my appearance also but feeling so unwanted and unattractive that is now slipping too.I hope u can get your problems sorted and find the happiness you deserve:-) X

Thanks!! I know what you mean about not caring anymore. He went out last night with the guys and still not home. Finding friends a getting out there is hard though. But want scares me is that he's not home yet and it bothers me less and less. I need to feel important not second but I don't think he is capable. So have fun and I will try to have my own social life. But I hate myself for feeling left out or second best. When I deserve better.

Lisamona,<br />
I know the feeling and I hate it.. and alternately hate myself everytime I start feeling that way. I don't know why, but joining this group last night helped in some way. I think if can find other things and other people in my life, I'll not mind being 'second' in her life because I'll have others who will let me know I still rank up there in theirs.<br />
<br />
I don't know if I'm tricking or fooling myself, but I almost don't care. Knowing I've decided to start posting on-line and strike up new relationships has already made me feel so much better. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a lot of fun with me and this... but like I said, I almost don't care - I FEEL better.<br />
<br />
...so... find something else in your life so you won't be so reliant on his. That's my plan, that's what I'm going to do.<br />
<br />
Have fun :)

Tell him that. The more you tell him the more he will be there. He needs to know how you feel

In a bad place right now:(

Dont worry too much....try and talk to him...see what he thinks....

He thinks l need time away from him. And all I want is time with him