And they have!! I attualy last posted 3 days ago but the wifi has been down so it only posted this morning.......anyway it was my birthday yesterday and my whole family came in the morning and I had the biggest speed of breakfast you could ever imagine
-first fattening clue of my birthday-
I popped 2 YES 2 buttons on my wonze just haveing brekie.

After me and my mum and aunt went on a shopping trip and the men went to the gym 'typical' I got a family sized Doritos packet at a survive station and had finished by the time we had parked. I was wearing my smallest cloths to really show off my belly.

I was so pleased that the only place I could find cloths were the 'fuller women' shops. I got to show my mum what my shopping was like

1 sub Oreos a Big Mac and a shake later..

Broke a deck chair in the shop and HAD TO BUY IT soooo proud. My aunt dislikes my eating habits though she is only 50lbs lighter than me! Anyway after that was lunch and a rip in the new xl t-shirt whoops!

Then was party time all my friends were commenting on how big I got I laughed and said some compliments back i almost squished some of them in the taxi I took up 1 and a half seats lucky not x-tra charge! The only slightly embarrassing thing was I lost a tenner in one of my rolls of fat!
And 1 whole cake, 2 bags of crisps later, whole tub of Ice cream bread sticks soda acahol chicken fish sweets fried food pizza and strawberrys later I WAS STILL UP FOR MORE my freinds were stuffed so I got 5 slices of cheesecake and 2 apple pie not to mention all the biscuits.
So 25 will brig more pounds than ever before I ripped my fav blouse when I was blowing out my candles ! All my flabby belly rolled out and jiggled as the night went on I can now barley move I had to stay string down for hours before I could get up with out ripping something

8lbs in one day! And a ton of stretch marks
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5 Responses Aug 20, 2014

How big do u want to get?

How big do you wish to become?

You made a lot of progress quickly.

Sounds like an awesome girthday indeed ;-)

Sorry 5lbs in one day!! I don't gain that quick though 5 is still Insane