Look For In Enter Man Not Me

I am not a person that like's to pass jugement on others, if god tells me to share what he tells me then i will. i am a person with love and i try to be what everyone wants. sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad. (RIGHT)??? well many people look to find what thay will to say all evil against me.. and when i pray i say,,, jesus if nothing eles shows in my life all i ask is let the people see you jesus in me. nothing eles matters much to me... so i'm saying, that i am what god wants me to be,, people think that i should live the way thay believe,, (church wise) all i want is for god to use me for his glory and allow his works to work in me the way he wants... some people look on the outside of me and really i feel if thay had jesus in there life's thay would think twice to judge. we wonder why people in churh isn't staying in church,, why people an't seeing healings like befor, thats why cause thay do what thay want then set back and think that god is the blame.. it upsets me to know people that call themself's christain's then hurt one another like thay do.. so hurtful and unkind... jesus wasn't like that he was love.. and all i ask if know one see nothing in me all i ask is let them see jesus in me..
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I see Jesus in your writing... I feel him in your words... Your love and fear for God is strong within you and I am proud to call you my friend in Christ Jesus... <BR>Remember, We were made to stand out, not blend in... The people who are turning their eyes from God, do not know in their heart, what they are doing... Jesus reminds us of that when He spoke out to God while hanging on the cross... He said, "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do."... He paid that debt for them, even though they turned against Him.<BR>God's love for us is so strong, yet they do not hear His voice... Many people think that they can blaspheme His name during the week and be forgiven on Sunday... This is not the case... They will be judged for their actions and their comments... To be a christian is to be Christ like... So with the little time that we have left here on Earth, I sugest that we truly search ourselves, and as scripture reads, "turn from our wicked ways", because no one can enter the kingdom of Heaven except by the Son!...<BR>To those that are reading this, don't be the one that stands before God and hears, "I never knew you!"<BR>God Bless you! I pray that you continue to share your burden of the lost... May God keep a hedge of protection around you...<BR>I have some stories on my page I think you may be of some interest to you... Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment on them.