To Feel the Holy Spirit In Me

 i want people to know im a christian ... and i know no one can right now because i dont act like one ... i have a horrible mouth ...  and i dont do many christian things its like on sunday morning i put on this mask ..of who my church family thinks  i am ...  and its all a facade .  minus a few  people whom i very close ... and i want them to see the real me ...  not who i want to be because i want to become what i want to be.
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Be encouraged, as children of God we are just that a child in Christ that needs to grow and mature, i believe that we have to become developed and that we don't grow over night, the more time you spend with God and glorifying His name praising His name and studying His word which is food for your spirit your soul , mind and body you will be a different person. Do not beat yourself up putting on a front for people. How God sees you is what matters, they don't know what you been through to get where you are in God. If they are true children of our Lord God then you should be able to be yourself and they should help you develop not judge you. You may say you didn't say they are judging you but the need for you to pretend means that you feel you would be judged. Talk to your pastor, minister, apostle, prophet which ever one fits your church leaders criteria. Tell him/her what you are going through i am certain he/she will guide you through. Just remember living for God was never promised to be easy it is a road of trials but God has given you the power to push through and He is always with you, He will Never let you down or leave you. Be strong in the Lord and don't put on a show people will know you are a child of God by your life living. Live your life in God's characteristics and you will be fine. Always ask your self the question WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

Open your heart to Jesus and He will set you free..

It's very important that you DO be yourself! And we are all human; we all make mistakes...don't forget that just because you are Christian you think you need to flawless...Christ taught us the exact opposite...he came to fill that void. But part of being Christian is being responsible, caring, and most importantly, loving one another...and if you do that, especially love one another, then people won't be able to NOT see Christ (even if they're not sure that it's Christ, they'll know that something's different about you that sets you apart) in you!! So don't beat yourself up too bad, okay?? You'll be O.K.!!<br />
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