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I Really Need Money Now

I am 34 years old
I have 3 children
My first child is studying and I have no money to pay her school fees
I am told by the school that if I don't pay her school fees by 26/10
She would have to stop school and go back to Sri Lanka
My second child is at home coz he did not get a school last year and this whole year he had been at home till next year
My last child goes to primary 1 next year and her school fees would be high
I am not with my husband coz he don't give me and my children money
I don't have a house in Singapore
I am living in my aunty house
I am not good in English also
But I really need to buy a house in Singapore for my children and me to live in and to pay my first daughter's school fees.
Please help me
My life is very bad now
U are the only people I belive in
Please help me and make my life very happy..
Thanks for understanding me
Tanuja81 Tanuja81 31-35, F 2 Responses Oct 16, 2013

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Thanks for the help

that site no longer exists. and those sites wont work unless u have friends that r also interested in doing the same thing. sending invites to ppl who ***** and complain for u sending them crap they dont want.

Please help me..