M A C H U - P I C C H U

MACHU PICCHU beautiful restored Inca City in Peru
AWESOME  site visited by 2500 people each day
CUZCO  is the nearest big town and to visit one
HAS  to take a train and then special buses to take you
Up to the City. One needs to spend about three hours.

PERU  is very proud and protective of MP - discovered
IN 1911 by Howard Bingham who was an American
CLASSICAL  Historian who took three years (1912 -15)  to
CLEAR  IT.  Because buildings are stone it is preserved.
HISTORIANS  suggest  it was a Royal Residence and also
USED  as an Administrative Centre with eight aproach roads !   
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4 Responses Sep 14, 2012

I'll be there next month :-D

Wowiee! Must have been a great vacation! Loved the pics!! Thanks :)

I love to read about all the history of ancient civilizations and ruins. Especially Peru. Can't wait to go :)

so... you been traveling?

I bet it is. Colombia is right next to Peru we used to watch some channels from there, very interesting culture.