Modern ~ Peruvian ~ Ladies

One of the delights of visiting PERU is the
colourful ethnic dress in towns like CUZCO.
The modern versions of the ethnic dress are
just as colourful but also very very chic !

Some of the dresses would not be out of place in
London or New York were it not for the ubiquitous
Peruvian Hat to protect from the strong overhead
Sun.  All Peruvians wear hats even the children !

..... and the Baby LLamas for a photograph !


Peruvian ladies of all ages are very beautiful
and they make excellent models. They love to
wear strong primary colours  -  especially red
which is the prime colour in the Peruvian flag.

Sometimes they pose without the hat ................. !


........ and sometimes without the Dress !

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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I like the Llama

thanks for sharing, this would be the only way I would experience such delights!!...S