S O U L ~ M A T E

SOUL MATE How do we so define ?
A person with whom we empathise
who interests harmonise with mine ?

SOUL MATE  someone with whom we share
experience and understanding
someone who will always really care !

SOUL MATE  someone who loves and cares
for me because of who I am
and all my joys and sorrows shares

SOUL MATE  a rare and special friend 
who lives within my heart each passing day 
a lasting until our lives shall end !

Dedicated to someone who is unique & very special !

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15 Responses Sep 19, 2012

what is for me guys ...i think god create me single .not create any angel for me butttttttttttttttt the hunger of heart and soul is increasing and high ...mate with soul

I think I've found mine, a year ago I was walking to health class and he was walking in front, Once I noticed him I almost flew back from the huge wave that came over me, I had urges to hug him, and comfort him and keep him safe and in my heart forever, it was also love at first sight... Anyway that soon developed into a big giant crush that took so much to hold back in case he was not and thought I was crazy, or rejected me. I was afraid of that, summer came as I tried to block my feelings id'e have some dreams about him, finally summer ended and I started high school (yay~) and then I don't know what triggered my thoughts but at lunch I thought, I wonder if he's going to my high school? Then poof I almost slammed right into him, it happened a lot when I thought of him, now I think he's beginning to notice me because sometimes he catches me looking at him and I turn my attention somewhere else and sometimes I catch him and he looks away. I don't know there's just this pull, that I can't explain that's making me like this. I've been wanting to see him smile for me, or a least be happy with his life, but I don't know if that will ever happen. My friends would rub this off as a crush whenthey have seen me almost grab him to stop him from leaving me behind, or daydreaming or staring at him wondering what he's thinking how he feels that day . And that's about it, I haven't noticed much diffrence but I've been trying to shrug off this feeling, and now everyone's beginning to say, I think he likes you. I'm all giddy and happy because of what's been happening. -krista

Thank you, and I hope so too.. ^^

I think I may have found mine...

Awww man...i hope i find my soulmate soon...!!!!

To shair such a feelin with someone again wud be ultimate, is there only 1 soul mate out ther 4 each of us? Hearttouch:)

Simple beautifully
Just thinking Someone.

Ooh how I love this Dreamer’s syndrome, the feeling of longing for someone you yearn or have made in your mind. So a soul mate is something very astral or subjective. It may be for Romantics who feel the need to find and have their human feelings coming to meet its mate in midst of the journey of love, realization and most of all company or a lifelong partner. In the same vein we can work this out with the one we are married or are matched. I for one do not subscribe to the theory of soul mate. It is all la big bang theory of one finding the right mix and match that gives to the harmony of two person when the feel of magnetic emotion of love, comfort and being in the state of blissful togetherness. The issue is are we ready to accept all the beautiful times with the bad times are we mentally prepared to take each other’s fault and positives as our and not as individual streams, when we all know that there are too many people who jump the boat and say that I thought I have found soul mate but it was not to be. We all know we need to take in our strengths as well as weakness to produce the end result “a sense of belonging mutually not one sided stance. The criteria that governs our assumption of the Soul mate is our very own mental creation and we base it on individual to our perception of Soul mate, I for one am not convinced of the soul mate embodiment for I will definitely get a kick up my rear if I were to design a women in my mind and deem her as my soul mate when all I want is a good lover, friend, and great sex to compliment my feeling of loneliness

WS! :D This poem is exactly like it's author! BEAUTIFUL! and magical, absolutely magical. I am so happy to say, i found my soul mate 30 years ago and we're still married! :D

Thank you, my handsome gorgeous friend for sharing your brilliance. :D :D

My BFF is the one who answers all the above.......... Nice na.........

I thoroughly enjoyed this poem. I believe a soul mate is one of life's greatest gifts. I am glad that in your life there is such a person. Thank you for sharing your celebration of the love you have found.

Very beautiful!!!

Its so beautiful that I could feel the love in the poetry.

That is so beautiful. It's sad to think that many people never find their "soul-mate"... some never even find a mate. Those who do are exceptionally blessed.

Beautiful, my friend. Absolutely true & beautiful!!

Thank you! Soul mate - such a beautiful word! The most precious with us is our soul that we give to our beloved man/woman when we fall in love.