Making Waves...

Making Waves.

A wave in your hair,
A wave out at sea,
A wave of a branch
Of a stately old tree.
A wave of good-bye,
A wave between friends
A wave of contention
No beginnings… no ends.
A wave of sheer terror
A wave of delight,
A wave of the palm trees
In the wind late at night.
A wave of compassion
A wave of remorse,
A wave of composure
When you`re steering off course,
A wave of a flag
When its flying half mast,
A wave of nostalgia,
As you bring back the past.?
A wave of inspiration,
That happened to me
Brought on this strange poem
I think you`ll agree.

Geoffrey Kennell©
Wisewords Wisewords
61-65, M
1 Response Sep 26, 2012

Beautiful poem, are we on the same wave length? May I use your poem in my English class please? I have left your name on it and Geoffrey Kennell.

Why of course! You may see my other work if you Google my name, at
88 years of age I am quite flattered, since I didn`t start writing until I retired around 70. Now I am working flat out because I haven`t got much time left?
OH! I was in Electronics as a career. Not writing....
Many thanks


Hi Geoffrey, thank you for your quick reply. Are you really 88? Whow, and you write such beautiful poetry. I will definitely use "Making Waves" in my English class it is a good example of showing my students the many uses we have in English for one word and for some useful vocabulary. My students are of mixed nationalities, at the moment I have students from Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Japan and The Dominican Republic. They are all living in Germany and learning English as a foreign language.