For The One's That Fail.

I feel for the hands that try to reach.
Beyond the blazing fire that is fear.
Pass the frozen mountains that stand guard.
Throe the wall that can not be moved.
I watch them as they try and fail.
Fighting her every step of the way.
I shake my head to their weakness,
and her unwillingness to let her strength go.
Falling to her knees.
Into the hands that keep trying to push throe.
Pass the rainstorm that is her tears.
The end result is unwanted.
Pass the fight and the pushing.
Lies nothing being accomplished,
and her never being attained.
The pain that spread around by the defeats.
Linger in the air well passed the war,
and in to the next.
Awaiting bloodshed war zone.
Its a locked door they want to enter.
Sealed from end to end.
Its the Atlantic ocean they want to cross.
That's toxic to the skin.
Yet its is the hand they can not see.
That they must grab a hold of.
Before it weakens into the gripe of gravity,
and gives all hope to the burning sun above.
amicawinters amicawinters
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012