The Truth Is...

If i could do it all again
hold your hand in mine
lean forward and stop time
id look up at you again
i would put my hands upon your chest
and with a whisper of a breath
push your back against the wall
"beat this"
and I would still take that kiss
why yes I would do it all again
and when you looked me in the eyes
and brought pain into my life
when i was given the choice to walk away
or hold love forever and stay
yes i would do it all again
and Id gladly sit here lonely as I am
now when i see those lovely eyes
filled with wonder and love for another
I may want to change my mind
but I love you
so id do it all again
you see I do it all for you
my pain will bring you happiness
that which you deserve
and I ?
Well I will sit here lonely
filled with memories
at least I knew love
even if it wasnt destined for me
lvtd lvtd
Jul 10, 2010