I Am

I am Strong and Intelligent
I wonder why God made everything the way He did
I hear a song deep inside me
I see angelic wings growing bigger
I want my freedom
I am Strong and Intelligent.

I pretend I am an Angel Warrior
I feel myself changing for the better
I touch and grab hold of my Savior's hand
I worry about my future and what I'll do
I cry for the lost souls on Earth
I am Strong and Intelligent.

I understand what others can't
I say "Every Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow... was, is, and will be a new Beginning, not a Continuation."
I dream of other worldly things
I try my best to defeat the Devil at his trickery games
I hope for new opportunities and the ending of old trials
I am Strong and Intelligent.
StrongHeart937 StrongHeart937
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010