Late Summer, Gentle Autumn, Winter Requiem

Just a few tanka I wrote. it's a Japanese form of poetry, but a little different because I wrote them in English of course... I'm not very good at this, but I still like poetry. Please tell me what you think.

     Late Summer
     The scent is like mint
     And air feels like the ocean
     The sun is gentle
     Remembering that morning
     That morning in late summer

     Gentle Autumn
     Slowly the air cools
     faintly warm breeze holds colors
     Of fading summer
     The leaves dance on the cool wind
     The world fades from vibrancy

     Winter Requiem
     Snow blankets the ground
     Summer is a far off dream
     The bitter cold sings
     A song evoking warm thoughts
     A requiem of summer

Arisadne Arisadne
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010