I Will Remember You

I find solace in this poisin
which is all thats left in me
I find solace in my heart break
at least my heart still beats
I held love and beauty all the truths of the world
I gave it up hoping to find more
to give me piece of mind
to live a full life
I gave up love for knowledge
the Knowledge of this world
only to find how much pain
it holds in store
the agony that dwells in me
is of my own creation
two roads I was given
the choice was mine
I abondend one only to find
it didnt matter which road i would take
I was destined to leave my happiness behind
I may no longer have love in my life
but i knew it and that will suffice
I chose the road of knowledge
and on that path i will stay
as trying and whynding and treacherous as it may be
at least I have that
that and my pain
and for at least a moment in time
my memories
lvtd lvtd
Jul 16, 2010