Kiss You Good Bye

hot breath
against cold skin
the mid winter cold sinks in
sends shivers down your spine
extasy running through your mind
with ever whisper in your ear
I claim you for mine
i have you in my grasp
dont worry I wont make the pain last
just a little torture endured
makes the fruit so much sweeter
when you reep the reward
such soft skin
fragile and pure
like silk beneath my finger tips
or rose petals against my parted lips
ringing vibration through my soul
its electrifying its terrifying
its the end of the world as we know
we will never return
but be born again
we will never find once more
what we have come here to win
it will mock us all our lives
this love no lust we try to find
but there can be no greater
there can be no more
my ultimate poisin
mi amore
lvtd lvtd
Jul 21, 2010