Day To Day Struggle

I cant face my self
so i turn my eyes apon the world
i bury myself with distractions
to avoid this festering pain
I work untill my legs are throbbing
i intoxicate my self untill i cant see
is any of this better
than self inflicting to see if i still bleed
when my adreniline is pumping
my heart throbbing against its cage
this is when i feel most safe
at least If i can feel the beating
I know i still have a heart
it may not be feeling
but its still doing its part
I couldnt tell you
who that woman is
standing in the mirror
turning sad eyes apon me
with a shadow of fear
I dont know where the years went
or how this got so far
all I know is Im left lonely
and all of my accomplishments for all i care
can perish and be taken by the wind
you can have the money and rewards
I promise they dont mean a thing
i can earn them all again
but my precious time does not remain
Ive come to far to fall
to leave it all to waste
but when i wake each day
the thought of running is the first to take place
Ill stand strong apon my rock
my island in a sea of dread
at least I have my memories
if I can just keep my head
lvtd lvtd
Jul 26, 2010