Punish Transgressor

In the supermarket aisle,  
she caught me alone,
twice in June.
She dared glare,
that jealous, blaming
manipulator of
that teller of tall tales;
most honoured gossip queen…
She interfered surreptitiously,
without consequence,
failed to measure brains,
capacity of target wife;
lack of attraction or interest in target.
Naiveté  rampant, pursuit continued,
forceful and unabated.
I’m fierce, tenacious, and furious
in my anger.
I will force her
to own her actions and words,
to answer many tough questions,
to eat her sympathy stories,
and friendships of convenience.
I will punish her with truth,
once spoken,
public and known

by abby3
unrevised and raw
abby3 abby3
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Thanks Okook. I think it's severe, too; a total ex<x>pression of my anger at a woman who sexually harassed my husband at work in the small community that we lived in, then launched a false harassment complaint and attempted to smear us - all over... major gossip and antics for a year and a half. I'm working through major anger right now. I'm going to expose the truth very soon... It was an awful experience, and I'm so glad to be moving in less than a week... :)

Very powerful use of words. A little severe, but I am not judging that.