Forever More

I were waiting for you in the crisp fresh snow,
My breath so quiet, oh so low,
I could feel my stomach turning into knots,
Flakes falling, dancing minuscule dots,

Then I saw  you walking casually, walking calm,
Your smile beaming, you took me by the arm,
In my ear you whispered 'We are forever more',
I felt my heart swooning, right to my very core,

Your touch on my cheek, it felt like pure silk,
Your complexion dazzling, white as pure milk,
I knew from then I loved you, you had to be mine,
To want you so much, it felt like a cruel crime,

So there we were, standing with fingers entwined,
I then looked into your eyes and I knew you were the kind,
The ones that people talked about, the ones that were lost,
I had to have you forever, it had to be at any cost.

So as your words rang true, we are forever more,
We walked together into that coffee shop door,
Laughing, talking, about our future that lay ahead,
We decided to part when the end came, when we were dead.

LauraNorder LauraNorder
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

Very good!!! :-)