Life As A Human Being

Life, as a human being
I have learned
is exactly what you make it

It is your art
Your masterpiece
Your dream

just because a canvas is placed before a person
does not mean that it will be finished
or that it will be considered art

I have drawn
I have painted
I have glued and I have pasted
My canvas is far from bare
but my life
is far from over

For so long now
I have tried
to explain what art to me is like
but thats impossible
because art
to me
isn't an image

it is not a picture, or painting, or a sketch
colour, can be absent sometimes
and music can be present
it does not have to be confined to a single moment
but sometimes
a single moment is all it takes for art to be created

it cannot be instructed
you cannot learn true art
true art
is presented to you

Life, as a human being
I have learned
is all you need to create art
may it be a memory
a single moment
or a person

Love is art
Emotions are art
Remember the time when you sat on the hillside and realized just how perfect the stars were
I could take a picture of it
I could paint it with brilliant colors
I could write a song about it
that isn't what makes it art

The people
The time
The place
The moment
The memory

That is the art
Being there
is the art

I am not an artist because I can take a photograph
or because I can make a sketch
or because I can place words on paper
I am an artist
because I have been there
I have lived it
I have made memories

A picture
A painting
A poem
They are just that

Life as a human being
is art
the pictures and poems that come after it
are just an attempt to share the beauty

CharityChaptman CharityChaptman
Sep 16, 2010