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Written and Copyrighted -2002- I finally realized...

I gave my heart in full to you,
I slept, awoke, I lived for you
I worshiped the ground you walked on,
Your pain I felt with you

Everywhere you had to go,
I helped you to get there
I tried to understand your problems,
I'd do anything for you

We knew each others thoughts,
We shared our secrets too
We laughed and played enjoying life,
We fit in every way

Three times I've left you in my life,
Each time it was the same
You stayed with me until you tired,
Then you tossed our love away

There's never been another soul,
I felt connected to
Maybe there never will be again,
But I must say goodbye, to you
IDG -2002-
oldfarmguy oldfarmguy 61-65, M Nov 28, 2010

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