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Written -1977- Copyrighted -2000-

In my heart there lies a fear, a fear of life itself
A fear I think that I someday, will set upon a shelf

A fear that's been there through the years
as life keeps passing me by
A fear that has me deep in thought, is life even worth the try

Through my poems prayers and songs, I hope that I'll get by
But there it is isn't hope the word, that helps me to survive

I hope someday I'll find a love, A love that's meant to last
Not a love that falls apart, Like those that are in my past
I hope someday to have a family, a family of my own
A family that will prove its strength, and hold together long

I'm tired of the way my life has been,
it seems to keep going down
But I'll keep up the hope and I'll survive,
and I'm sure life will turn around
IDG -1977-

Made this into a song :)
oldfarmguy oldfarmguy 61-65, M Nov 28, 2010

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