#90 Hard Lessons.

Don't look at me like that, young man.
I didn't set you on this road.
But I've been down it a time or two,
With my own unbearable load.

This path you've chosen for yourself
Is a difficult one you'll find,
But there's nothing I could tell you
That'll make you change your mind.

So be off with you now, and when you get back,
I might tell where you went wrong.
But you'll never learn a single thing
Just by hearing another man's song.

You need to write your own words
And play your own guitar;
Compose your own melody;
And reach for your own star.

Just one small piece of advice
As you set out on this track;
Remember, if it gets too rough,
There's no shame in turning back.
DragonBlue DragonBlue
Dec 13, 2010