Labels(are For Soupcans)

Let’s bridge the gap,

and stop pretending,

we’re something we’re not,

labeling ourselves,

as something so degrading,

because it seems so “cool.”

And if I don’t completely fit,

don’t completely conform,

don’t label me “poser,”

label yourself hypocrite,

because I’m just trying to express myself,

same as you,

or maybe I’m just not getting it.


you’re as false as your eyelashes,

and to you,

I’m as real as those scars you nonchalantly talk about.


pain so deep,

it hurts from the inside out.

Save me your sob stories,

your “self mutilation,”

your eyeliner,

(and it’s not even waterproof.)

Save the judgements,

the labels,

the sneers,

the whispers behind hands,

the ridicules,

the laughter,

save it all for someone who cares,

because I just won’t listen.

The pathetic little poems of despair,

(I hope this doesn’t count as one)

how do you find the time to laugh at me?

An even better question:

When you look in a mirror,

do you recognize the person you see?

You’re acting like someone you’re not,

everyone’s so charmed,

you’re trying so very hard.

Let’s bridge the gap,

stop pretending,

you’re something you’re not,

stop slandering my name like I’m the one who’s been caught.

Don’t you see,

we’re all the same?

Trying to express ourselves,

that’s the name of the game,

or at least I think it is.

Maybe you’re so angry because,

you’re just following the crowd,

and I’m the only one who’s figured you out.

rjp95 rjp95
May 24, 2011