The Long Rain

These are some lyrics that I wrote for a song by the sludge metal/black metal/experimental band that I play in (Fans of Agalloch should check us out once we get our songs up) called Oakhorn.

I: The Long Rain

Torrential oceans, frozen rains
Carving rivers, iced with shadows stained
with light, hiding secrets
Praying storms will leave us people

In the midst of death and life
Water carries the wisdom of time
Flowing ever, through unchanging
Water sees the Earth unhinging

Eternal lifeflow, forever dead
Water's walking, never lived
Human life is, here and gone
Rain is falling ever on.

II: The Cleansing Flood


III: The Curious Lifeflow

The flood has washed us downstream
The Earth it lies alone, clean
Silent nights of star shine
Earthly heights for none to see
The reeds with crickets playing
Sounds of solemn winds
The water flowing silent
Loud, torrential, violent

EricTheSorcerer EricTheSorcerer
18-21, M
Aug 18, 2011